Nida Moledina

Meet Nida Moledina, Dentist in Atlanta

Education & Credentials


Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University; Augusta, GA


Microbiology, University of Georgia; Athens, GA


You can expect me to do my best to achieve not only meeting the standard of care as a dentist, but also listening to you, earning your trust, and making every visit worthwhile as your dentist.


I went to DCG, the only dental school in Georgia, after being the first person in my family to graduate college! I am the older of two sisters. I have an amazing husband and a very supportive family. I love to sing, travel, and try new foods!


Graduated magna cum laude, Dean's List

Professional Associations

American Dental Association, Georgia Indian Dental Association, American Association of Women Dentists

Volunteer/Service Experience

Student National Dental Association, Equality Clinic, Free Dentistry Days Aga Khan Foundation


My top favorite TV shows are Friends, Bones, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Iceland, Spain, and Croatia have been my favorite travel spots. I am an animal lover. I love to cook different cuisines, but my all-time favorite food is macaroni and cheese!

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